Free-standing animals and pop-up animal cards.

This is the alpaca. I designed it originally for Meadowview Alpaca Farm near Bruce Mines.  It has ears, eyes and a little nose for an expressive face. When I figure out how to make my camera take close-ups, I’ll show you.

The alpaca can be made in any colour – heck, even tiger stripes, if you like (assuming I can find tiger-striped stock).

Comes with an envelope.

Below are the sheep. When I say “coloured sheep”, I’m not talking brown, black and grey!

You can get these as singles, or get a “flock rate” on half-a dozen to circle up against the wolves or just stand and stare at you from a shelf.

Comes with an envelope.

How do those little bats know exactly where to fly to silhouette themselves against the full moon? Bat available in brown or black – or, heck, if you want a hot pink one, just say. Moon in harvest-moon yellow or creamy white.

More animals to come…

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