I produce small editions of handmade books every year.  The items on this page will change as editions are added or sold out.

Winds on the Shore

This is the first chapbook of To the Point, the Thessalon Writers’ Group. It contains poetry and fiction by all the members: Angie Gallop, Ali Doi, Elizabeth Creith, Erin McLeod, Gordon Graham, Gordon Stone, Pauline Clark and Tracy Spurway.

Each book is hand-sewn in three signatures, Coptic-bound so that it lies flat. Each one is unique, bound in a different decorative paper or fabric. The contents, however, are identical. 8.75″ x 5.75″

My mini-editions come out each year in December. I usually make fifteen to twenty in the edition.

These are single signature books containing either a single work or a collection of smaller works, depending on what I decide to publish. I choose something I like from my previous year’s production, usually a work that is unlikely to see print in another venue, and spend several happy days laying out the text, choosing fonts and making the books. Lately I’ve been using “found” papers to bind these – chocolate wrappers (nice ones, like Green & Black), paper bags with proprietary writing on them,  like oatmeal or flour bags, or the ones you get your muffin in at the donut chain. My favourite so far is the lab chow bags from the pet store – they have monkeys and rabbits and things on them. Okay, enough about that – here are the two current editions.

2008 – A Little Book of Snot

Yes, it’s probably disgusting, but do you have any idea how important it is to your body? Or how many writers, given the chance, will make the “It’s snot” joke?

2009 – In a Few Words

This is a selection of twenty-four micro-stories, each one fifty or fifty-five words. (I wrote about a hundred of them in 2009. Obviously I need a life.)  These stories were each written as a challenge to incorporate four or five words chosen at random into a complete story with setting, character, conflict and resolution. The catch was, the story could be no longer than fifty-five words.

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