Seasonal pop-up cards and novelties

Here’s where I keep the seasonal stuff. I have a few Christmas things, both cards and other paper novelties, and some cards for other holidays as well.

The Angel Card was designed as a Christmas card for my own use one year. I got carried away with the colours, which was a lot of fun, but simple white on a coloured background works, too.

Fits in a #10 business envelope.

The Angel in the Architecture is more complex, involving three angels on three panels to make a free-standing three-sided display piece. Two brass book-darts are included to keep the angels standing in formation. When you want to put it away, it folds flat for easy storage.

Here is the five-layer star ornament. Each layer is in a different plane, and the whole ornament folds down flat for easy storage or mailing.
Available in any colour your little heart desires.

The Pumpkin Pile is a little bit of Hallowe’en fun. The Pumpkin Lantern is four Pumpkin Piles, one each  of one, two, three and four heads. (Can you call one head a pile? I don’t know.) Use a battery-operated tealight in the centre to light up the faces.

More coming…

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